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The Corporate Administrators and Secretaries Professional Institute(CASPIN), is a human capital development organization established by CAM Act of 1990 and accredited by Nigerian council for Management Development (CMD) with RC No. 958061 and Accreditation no. CMD / COA / AMTI / 0284 respectively to assist, inspire and develop Corporate Administrators and executive managerial personnel of the public, private sector, the academia, and non-governmental organizations by involving high caliber professionals from diverse academic fields, who are committed continually to search for improvement strategies and implementation of global best practices.

With over 10 years operational experience, we have grown our professional intelligence and built up a solid network, affiliations, and alliances aimed at achieving pacesetters as providers of affordable friendly resource and human capital managers aimed at growing a national and institutional economy and standard. The institute promotes the study, improvement and scientific Administration and Management in Government, industrial and commercial concerns. It holds conferences, seminars, and workshops all year round with relevance to the challenges of administration in our unique business environment. The institute provides professional learning programmes, encourages continuous training necessary for tackling strategic developments in our ever-changing environment. The institute’s programmes are designed to be responsive to the present and future professional needs of individuals and organizations in Nigeria and  Africa at large. The objective of the CASPIN is embedded in the philosophy that continues professional administrative pursuit and education is a prime contributor to the development of self, society, and diverse human enterprise, as such should be a taught-while issue.