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CASPIN Membership Benefits


– Membership enables active participation in the Institute’s chapter meetings, general, regional and quarterly conferences. You can also make presentations showcasing your abilities for recognition and opportunities.

– Membership also links you to a network of leaders in government, armed forces, and industry captains in the private sector.

– There are special interactive forums that provide the toolkits, connections, and resources that can help you fast track your career or business to people you have been longing to meet.

-Members receive a designatory title of FCASI, MCASI, ACASI, PMA, AFFILIATE/STUDENT and full-colour membership certificate, identity card, plaque and journal


To effectively and efficiently execute our objectives and mission, we have created a level ground, opportunities and enabling an environment for all members to always meet together even the Industry captains and those that matters in the society even at international level for good benefits.