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One of the most enthusing fixation that have happened in the  educational and business world, is the arrival of Corporate Administrators and Secretaries Professional Institute of Nigeria. CASPIN as it is known, is a human capital development Organization established by CAM Act of 1990 and accredited by Nigerian Council for Management Development (CMD) to assist, inspire and develop Corporate Administrators, Executive Secretaries and executive managerial personnel of the public, private sectors, the academia and non governmental organizations. The institute promotes the study, improvement, and scientific Administrations and Management in Government, industrial and commercial concerns. It holds conferences, seminars and workshops all year round with relevance to the challenges of administration and other technical management in our unique business environment.

 The institute provides professional learning programmes, encourages Professional continuous training necessary for tackling strategic developments in our ever- changing environment. The institute’s programmes are designed to be responsive to the present and future professional needs of individuals and organizations in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The objective of CASPIN is embedded in the philosophy that continues professional administrative pursuit and education is a prime contributor to the development of self, society and diverse human enterprise, as such should be a taught-while issue.

 The institute which its mission is to promote professionalism in teaching, learning and Corporate Training  services plays leading role in the knowledge of human capital development and empowerment. CASPIN also  research in all sectors of global economy and organized  several local and international workshops and conferences.

CASPIN believes in human capital development and professionalism as vital ingredients of development in any economy. In order to achieve the desires and competitiveness, knowledge would of necessity be transferred from the professionals to the non-professionals, the developed to the underdeveloped, the literate to the illiterate, hence achieving the millennium Development Goals.

CASPIN core value is embedded to be the far most  spring of knowledge and excellence in professional practice in Nigeria and Africa.

One of the objective of the Institute is to recognizes administrators Annually in various capacity as Administrators of the year with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in all administrative discipline, to confer fellowship, Corporate Membership and Associate of the CORPORATE  ADMINISTRATORS AND SECRETARIES PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE OF NIGERIA on practicing and qualified Administrators and secretaries while Graduate and Licentiate of the body would be conferred on qualifying candidates. CASPIN would establish a roll of Honour for distinguished administrators and confer on them the title of Perfected Millennium Administrators  [PMA].

CASPIN promotes and develops organizational, economic, cultural and social interests between Nigeria and Africa Administrators, encourage contacts, foster mutual understanding and promote sound and ethical business relationships between Administrators in business. They also promote the establishment of chapters of the Association throughout Nigeria and Africa and to establish Administrative Development centres, College and Institute for the purpose of Administrative training and development, foster relationship with other professional body in Nigeria and Globally for the purpose of Administrative Development. The organization contributes to compilation, collection and publication by parliament, Government Departments, other bodies or persons of any literature, statistics and information relating to the profession, establish and maintain relationship with  chartered colleges of Administrators around the globe.

CASPIN does not receive direct funding from any government or public body. The institute is a professional membership body with members throughout the country. It is sponsored by seasoned administrators and managers.

CASPIN organizes In-house training programmes apart from the off-shore training programmes for organizations that has upward of fifteen participants for a particular course. From the beginning of the year through the end, we have well tailored workshop to help organization

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